Highland Park Club Apartments has approximately 275 residents. Our 12 brick buildings are spread over our private 5-acre campus, creating a unique setting within the city of Pittsburgh. We believe that our on-site management team will make your Pittsburgh experience enjoyable and free of the inconveniences common with absentee landlords. We take pride in our gardens, our well-maintained apartments, and our efforts to help the environment via recycling and energy-efficient utilities. Our residents are a cross-section of the new Pittsburgh. Most of our tenants are in their late twenties and early thirties, and are young professionals, graduate students and medical residents. Our property is especially attractive due to our proximity to the great hospitals and universities of Pittsburgh. We are also fortunate to have residents who were raised in Pittsburgh and have lived on our campus for many years.

As good as our management team is, we also expect a few things from you. City living can be noisy, and although our solid cement floors and our street setback help, we ask that you are considerate of your neighbors if you choose Highland Park Club Apartments as your home. We also appreciate your efforts to recycle and help conserve our precious energy. Additionally for pet owners, we have conveniently placed doggie bags around our campus to help keep our campus clean.

Your enjoyment of our property is very important to us. We welcome you to use our park benches throughout the campus. We are considerate of your safety: our buildings are fire resistant with alarms throughout; we salt our walkways when it snows, and usually before you wake up; our courtyards are always lit at night; and our night watchman Henry patrols the campus. The front office staff will make you feel welcome. We have maintenance staff on site to help you with your apartment needs; we will even change your light bulbs when they go out.

We have a live-in superintendent, Bill, to offer immediate response. Lucia keeps our hallways clean on a daily bases and takes care of our extensive gardens while her husband, Andy, heads our maintenance staff. All in all, our professional staff will keep everything ship-shape so that you can focus on more important things in life. You’ll get to know us all and will feel comfortable that we are looking after you and your apartment. In short, we have an excellent community in an amazing city, continually working hard to make your stay in Pittsburgh more enjoyable.

Our service includes:

  • Our leasing staff signs for your packages in our office. (Convenient for when you are not at home)
  • Our staff changes your energy-efficient overhead bulbs. (Just give us a call)
  • We keep our gardens blooming in the warmer months … and our walkways free from snow and ice in the colder months.
  • Highland Park is one of Pittsburgh’s safest neighborhoods. (See statistics in office) But we make our community even safer with over forty outside lights and a night watchman.
  • We know the mailman, the cable and telephone repairperson, and the delivery people, which allows you to receive exceptional service even when you are not at home)
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