Since utilities are included in your rent, it serves both the environment and us to conserve. (We hope that you will help in this effort.)

Electricity: Inside – all of our overhead lights use compact energy efficient bulbs. Outside – high pressure vapor lights provide a safe, brilliant white light at reduced electrical usage

Water: We use water-saving toilets, faucets, and shower heads (but not short on water pressure!), and our crew is quick to fix even the slightest drip. Washers are advanced, front-loading machines, which reduce water, gas, and detergent by up to 75%. Our “instant-on” hot water is convenient and saves up to 35% in energy.

Gas: Our boilers are equipped with state-of-the-art computers, keeping your apartment at a constant, comfortable temperature.

Recyclables: Large, covered bins are located by the rear exits, making recycling easy.

Future: We are committed to conservation, and hope to be one of the first apartment complexes in Pittsburgh to use the new thin-paneled solar technology.

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